Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Everything I learned I learned in Preschool

After spending over 20 years of my life in preschool, I've come to realize that I actually learned more about how to live a good life there, than anywhere I've ever been. These are a few of the basic things I learned from the hundreds of 4 year olds that eventually became the teachers in 'my class':
  • No doubt about it... God is real
  • God loves us just the way we are
  • God created us to be His friends
  • Everyone has a story
  • Stories are meant to be told
  • The way we treat others is the way they will treat us
  • Anger and hate can hurt
  • Boys and girls think differently
  • God created a beautiful world, full of beautiful things, and people
  • It's easier to believe than to doubt
  • We are all different but the same
  • God has a job for us to do
This is just the beginning of my list. I'm sure, as I have time to reflect, I'll think of more gems from the little people in my life.

This brings me to why I've decided to create yet another blog. For years now my Auntie Helen has been telling me "When you going to write a book?" I thought this blog would be a more instant way for me to put 'pen to paper' to share bits and pieces of the life I live. This place will be where I plan to share my thoughts, God's thoughts that He gives me, everyday miracles that are with us where ever we go, stories of God's goodness, how Jesus (my savior, and master teacher) leads me through each day, and then finally how the Helper (the Holy Spirit) leads me, speaks to me, deals with me, helping me to be who God has created me to be.

So, there you have it... who (Me), what (sharing about how God interviens in my life daily), where (here in cypberspace... could be the 'other side of reality') why (because just maybe God could use me to help you become who He wants YOU to be). Hope you'll walk with me on this journey.